Interview with a Data Scientist: Brad Klingenberg

Bio Brad Klingenberg is the Director of Styling Algorithms at Stitch Fix in San Francisco. His team uses data and algorithms to improve the selection of merchandise sent to clients. Prior to joining Stitch Fix Brad worked with data and predictive analytics at financial and technology companies. He studied applied mathematics at the University of…… Continue reading Interview with a Data Scientist: Brad Klingenberg

Interviews with Data Scientists: David J. Hand

I recently reached out as part of my Data Science interview series to David J. Hand. David has an impressive biography and has contributed a lot to fraud detection and data mining. His answers are insightful and from a statistical point of view. I feel that these academics have a lot to teach us practicing…… Continue reading Interviews with Data Scientists: David J. Hand

Data Science as a Process

Hilary Mason one of the shining lights of the world of data science Tweeted recently ‘Data people: What is the very first thing you do when you get your hands on a new data set?’ What I do when I get a new dataset is a recent article on the Simple Statistics blog, is a response to this. I’ve…… Continue reading Data Science as a Process

Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

1. General state space Markov chains Most applications of Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms (MCMC) are concerned with continuous random variables, i.e the corresponding Markov chain has a continuous state space S. In this section we will give a brief overview of the theory underlying Markov chains with general state spaces. Although the basic principles…… Continue reading Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

Information Retrieval

Attention conservation notice: 680 words about Information Retrieval, and highly unoriginal. The following is very much inspired by a course by Cosma Shalizi but I felt it was worth rewriting to get to grips with the concepts. This is the first of what is hopefully a series of posts on ‘Information Retrieval’, and applications of…… Continue reading Information Retrieval