Why Zalando’s tech radar sucks as a stack

I’ve been programming professionally for about 5 years now. So I don’t consider myself a brilliant expert. Never the less one thing I think that I’ve learned is that it isn’t about the ‘technical problems’ it’s about whether or not you solve a real-world or meaningful problem. Some people call these ‘business problems’ but they…… Continue reading Why Zalando’s tech radar sucks as a stack

What happens when you import modules in Python

  I’ve been using Python for a number of years now – but like most things I didn’t really understand this until I investigated it. Firstly let’s introduce what a module is, this is one of Python’s main abstraction layers, and probably the most natural one. Abstraction layers allow a programmer to separate code into parts…… Continue reading What happens when you import modules in Python

A quick comparison of Fibonacci functions

A really common Interview question is about Fibonacci functions. In this short gist I compare two simple ways of doing this. This is mainly to highlight the power of generators. For those of us who want to see a good video on this – I recommend this video by the talented, charming James Powell. https://gist.github.com/springcoil/7b233953daa4d8907653

Information Retrieval

Attention conservation notice: 680 words about Information Retrieval, and highly unoriginal. The following is very much inspired by a course by Cosma Shalizi but I felt it was worth rewriting to get to grips with the concepts. This is the first of what is hopefully a series of posts on ‘Information Retrieval’, and applications of…… Continue reading Information Retrieval

Programming as an essential skill

In discussions about jobs and the future. We sometimes make references to skills. In educational communities people speak of ‘transferable skills’ and ‘critical thinking’. Recently its become fashionable to discuss STEM. On this blog I’ve written some things about this. The following articles re-inspired my interest On Reviews in Depth: Why everyone should learn to…… Continue reading Programming as an essential skill

Computational Thinking and STEM Education

Computational Thinking Why will programming be increasingly important in the 21st Century? This short article is inspired by recent work by LLK and J.M. Wing, “Computational Thinking,” CACM Viewpoint, March 2006, pp. 33-35. Paper off CISE AC website; paper and talks off http://www.cs.cmu.edu/ wing/ Googles involvement in Computational Thinking Google CT is a good resource.…… Continue reading Computational Thinking and STEM Education