On the NHS

A succint observation about the NHS - and how taxes should work. I suspect some of the proposed reforms (or 10 pounds from every person) is because of our collective apathy towards tax. Taxes certainly are needed for the NHS, but we seem to not want to hear that. But also we need more empowerment… Continue reading On the NHS


My hypothesis i…

My hypothesis is that progressives, conservatives, and libertarians view politics along three different axes. For progressives, the main axis has oppressors at one end and the oppressed at the other. For conservatives, the main axis has civilization at one end and barbarism at the other. For libertarians, the main axis has coercion at one end… Continue reading My hypothesis i…

Tony Judt on Society

I posted the following on my Facebook account last night ‎ ‘Thinking “economistically,” as we have done now for thirty years, is not intrinsic to humans. There was a time when we ordered our lives differently.’ – Tony Judt A friend of mine challenged me to provide some analysis, so here I provide some. Tony…… Continue reading Tony Judt on Society