Prelaunch – Probabilistic Programming Primer

I’m excited to announce the pre-launch of a new project, that I’ve been spending some time thinking about. I’m a core developer of PyMC3 – and that isn’t as impressive as it sounds 🙂 I’m honoured to work with smart people and learn a lot about Probabilistic Programming from it. However it doesn’t mean I… Continue reading Prelaunch – Probabilistic Programming Primer

David MacKay interview on Climate Change is a link to an interview with David MacKay one of the top civil servants on climate change, he is also the author of an excellent book. Mathematical analysis offers a lot in understanding the challenges we face, and its great to see an eminent physicist being involved in such things. What is very… Continue reading David MacKay interview on Climate Change

STEM Education Interview: Robert Talbert

I’m excited to put up my first ever interview. I’m working on a project for an organisation and this is an interview as part of my research. Robert Talbert is a Mathematics professor at Grand Valley State University, who researches Cryptography but has also spent a lot of time recently experimenting in the field of… Continue reading STEM Education Interview: Robert Talbert

A schools revolution

I highlighted in a recent post, a ludicrous lack of scientific knowledge by Michael Gove. This is perhaps unfair of me. So lets address what Gove is actually trying to do, which is reform Schools. Critics regularly assume that private school parents are rich snobs trying to avoid the lower classes. If you read the… Continue reading A schools revolution

Training students for the 21st Century

Education is a hugely politically loaded issue. I want to write today briefly about education. I’ve two years of experience as a tutor and Teaching Assistant in a Northern Ireland Grammar School, and continue to tutor a range of ages while I undergo my Masters studies in Mathematics. I definitely will focus on STEM subjects,… Continue reading Training students for the 21st Century

Learning as Debugging

Recently in Luxembourg there was a talk on ‘Mathematics Education’. As always being interested in STEM and the cultivation of learning and thinking, I found this fascinating. I came across on Robert Talbert’s excellent blog, the following: Yes! As somebody once said, true learning consists in the debugging process. And that’s where the fun in… Continue reading Learning as Debugging

He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense

The above slogan came to my attention once again from the excellent Cosma Shalizi comments on Krugmans book ‘Pop Internationalism’. In the book review The great Computer Scientist has a slogan which Shalizi extends from merely arithmetic to algebra. This short essay will be looking at this issue. It is often said by politicians for… Continue reading He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense

Procepts in Mathematics education

Todays blog post is a bit different to some of my views on politics, or current affairs. Its back closer to my student life as a Mathematics Masters student. Inevitably when one enjoy mathematics and physics one gets involved in giving tutorial classes or helping friends and family. Mathematics is something that we all agree… Continue reading Procepts in Mathematics education

Computational Thinking and STEM Education

Computational Thinking Why will programming be increasingly important in the 21st Century? This short article is inspired by recent work by LLK and J.M. Wing, “Computational Thinking,” CACM Viewpoint, March 2006, pp. 33-35. Paper off CISE AC website; paper and talks off wing/ Googles involvement in Computational Thinking Google CT is a good resource.… Continue reading Computational Thinking and STEM Education