The language of…

The language of individual-
ism (i.e., the idea that people make decisions
for themselves and that at least in economic
matters these are the best decisions) serves as
a powerful legitimation for free-market liber-
alism. The irony is that this profoundly anti-
expert, anti-elitist, democratic ideology has its
own expert class, its professionals of market le-
gitimation, and has been the vehicle of a class
polarization far greater than at any other time
since World War II.

I’m often interested in the language of how we speak about markets. I’ve never found the Friedmanite conflation of economic freedom and political freedom to be very satisfying. As this strikes me as an attack on elitism and expertise.

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On the Bangladeshi tragedy

Clearly the Bangladeshi people deserve better enforcement of their laws. And clearly this is an incredible human tragedy. But boycotting products from Bangladesh (as some on the left argue) would be horrendous for Bangladesh. Prosperity takes time, and Bangladesh is a very poor country.     I provide the following link. This is fundamentally a problem… Continue reading On the Bangladeshi tragedy