3 key lessons from being an OSS developer

I’ve been contributing on and off to PyMC3 and other projects for a few years now. I’m still learning a lot about Bayesian Statistics and building software. I intend to continue to work on this stuff. Chris Fonnesbeck – recently did a talk at NeurIPS where he talks about some of the stuff we’ve learned in… Continue reading 3 key lessons from being an OSS developer

Why would I ever NEED Bayesian Statistics?

Probabilistic Programming versus Machine Learning In the past ten years, we’ve seen an explosion in Machine Learning applications, these applications have been particularly successful in search, e-commerce, advertising, social media and other verticals. These applications have been particularly focused on predictive accuracy and often involve large amounts of data — sometimes in the region of terabytes — in fact this… Continue reading Why would I ever NEED Bayesian Statistics?

How to use AWS Lambda to build a tweetbot

Inspired by Vicki I decided to build a Tweetbot – the code is available here. You can follow the tweetbot online – the architecture that Vicki proposed is basically what I did, only I made a few changes in the code. Time taken It’s worth pointing out first that it took me approximately 32 hours of… Continue reading How to use AWS Lambda to build a tweetbot

What is a Message Broker for?

I’ve been working in tech for a few years now, and that’s included writing a lot of code. One thing I never got my head around was what is a message broker? I’ve definitely seen them in architecture meetings, and heard people speak of ‘RabbitMQ’ and ‘Redis’ but I don’t really know what they’re for.… Continue reading What is a Message Broker for?

Interview with a Data Scientist – Vicky Boykis

It gives me great pleasure to interview Vicki Boykis – we’ve chatted a lot on Twitter over the past few years and her blog/ side projects have been inspiring for my own. Vicki is a Data Scientist and Engineer who tweets awesome stuff. She’s well worth following. Her twitter bio – Born: Jewish in Russia. Raised:… Continue reading Interview with a Data Scientist – Vicky Boykis

Probabilistic Programming Primer

Data Science and interpretability I’ve been involved in industrial applications of machine learning, analytics and what is generally referred to as ‘data science’ for about 5 years now. My experience in academia also probably extends that number. We’ve seen remarkable advances in that time, and a greater appreciation of the value of data in industry… Continue reading Probabilistic Programming Primer

Prelaunch – Probabilistic Programming Primer

I’m excited to announce the pre-launch of a new project, that I’ve been spending some time thinking about. I’m a core developer of PyMC3 – and that isn’t as impressive as it sounds 🙂 I’m honoured to work with smart people and learn a lot about Probabilistic Programming from it. However it doesn’t mean I… Continue reading Prelaunch – Probabilistic Programming Primer