Interview with a Data Scientist – Jessica Graves

Jessica Graves is a Data Scientist who currently works on fashion problems in New York City. She’s worked with Hilary Mason at Fast Forward Labs and keeps in regular contact with the London startup scene. After many months of asking her for an interview she finally gave in – and she shares her unique perspective… Continue reading Interview with a Data Scientist – Jessica Graves

An interview with a data artisan

J.D.Long is the current AVP Risk Management at RenaissanceRe and has a 15 year history of working as an analytics professional. I sent him an interview recently to see what he would say. Good questions Peadar. Here’s a really fast attempt at answers: 1. What project have you worked on do you wish you could go back… Continue reading An interview with a data artisan

Data Science and Soft Skills

I once did an internship under Andrew Fogg at I learned a lot about data science at that period, but one of the hardest lessons I had to learn was the importance of soft skills and project management in any data science projects. John Foreman another idol of mine, talked a bit about this,… Continue reading Data Science and Soft Skills

An Introduction to Coalgebras

I’ve just dumped this here, I wrote it for a project in Luxembourg a few months ago. Its not well edited, and there are errors. I may fix these in the future. However it may be of benefit to someone. Introduction to various classical notions of algebras. Coalgebras are defined and introduced, as are various… Continue reading An Introduction to Coalgebras

How to think

Inspired by Ed Boyden \newline Managing brain resources in an age of complexity. The main aim of this post, is to understand and synthesize some of the ideas behind learning how to think. In the words of Seymour Papert, a rather inspiring Mathematics and Computer Education pioneer, ‘students now need to learning how to learn’… Continue reading How to think

Twitter co-founder on Computational Thinking

I’ve long been a fan of Jack Dorsey, and I came across this excellent article about an interview on Charlie Rose. Gary Stager a school reformer and Educational reformer speaks very well about Jack Dorsey. When we speak of using Computing in education, we often forget that in the words of Mitch Reznick ‘the computer… Continue reading Twitter co-founder on Computational Thinking

Is Democracy the right answer?

It is as I think Orwell observed worrying if we see democracy as ‘the’ answer. how voters decide. Indeed, voters constantly complain that initiatives are too complicated. Two out of three told the PPIC poll in December that the wording of the initiatives was confusing. But over-complex language is only one worry in a process… Continue reading Is Democracy the right answer?

He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense

The above slogan came to my attention once again from the excellent Cosma Shalizi comments on Krugmans book ‘Pop Internationalism’. In the book review The great Computer Scientist has a slogan which Shalizi extends from merely arithmetic to algebra. This short essay will be looking at this issue. It is often said by politicians for… Continue reading He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense

Procepts in Mathematics education

Todays blog post is a bit different to some of my views on politics, or current affairs. Its back closer to my student life as a Mathematics Masters student. Inevitably when one enjoy mathematics and physics one gets involved in giving tutorial classes or helping friends and family. Mathematics is something that we all agree… Continue reading Procepts in Mathematics education

Cognitive toolbox

Each year the Edge foundation has a question. This years has been more interesting than most. I’ve been asking people about this for some time, hence the need to blog about it. “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?” Or, to paraphrase, how might people alter the way they interpret the information they take… Continue reading Cognitive toolbox