2018: Year in Review

I did a review like this in – 2017 It’s fun to look back on what I’ve learned and what I’ve accomplished. This will be contracting focused and side projects focused. (Appologies to Julia Evans, I basically just stole her format) I got married! I won’t embarrass my wife online. But this year, after a… Continue reading 2018: Year in Review

3 reasons to learn Bayesian Statistics in the new year

What is Bayesian Statistics Bayesian Statistics (or Probabilistic Programming) take a more effective and deep approach to perform analysis of any given data and situation. A/B testing is one of the hottest topics on the internet nowadays. In this testing, you simply consider two different groups, A and B, to analyze the performance of both… Continue reading 3 reasons to learn Bayesian Statistics in the new year

Talks and Workshops

I enjoy giving talks and workshops on Data Analytics. Here is a list of some of the talks I’ve given. In my Mathematics master I regularly gave talks on technical topics, and previously I worked as a Tutor and Technician in a School in Northern Ireland. I consider the evangelism of data and analytics to… Continue reading Talks and Workshops