Interview with a Data ‘Scientist’ Matt Hall

Now it is time for another interview with a Data Scientist. Today I decided to be a bit different and I interviewed a professional geophysicist, who runs a consultancy in Nova Scotia, Canada. Let me introduce the interview candidate – Matt Hall has a PhD in sedimentology from the University of Manchester, UK, and 15 years’… Continue reading Interview with a Data ‘Scientist’ Matt Hall

Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

1. General state space Markov chains Most applications of Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms (MCMC) are concerned with continuous random variables, i.e the corresponding Markov chain has a continuous state space S. In this section we will give a brief overview of the theory underlying Markov chains with general state spaces. Although the basic principles… Continue reading Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

David MacKay interview on Climate Change is a link to an interview with David MacKay one of the top civil servants on climate change, he is also the author of an excellent book. Mathematical analysis offers a lot in understanding the challenges we face, and its great to see an eminent physicist being involved in such things. What is very… Continue reading David MacKay interview on Climate Change

On the Mathematics of the Berry Phase

I tried to upload this to my wordpress however it wasn’t working. So here is a link to a pdf file of some notes and observations I wrote over the course of a few years on the Geometric Phase. Mathematics of the Geometric Phase by no means is this original, and there are many excellent… Continue reading On the Mathematics of the Berry Phase

Twitter co-founder on Computational Thinking

I’ve long been a fan of Jack Dorsey, and I came across this excellent article about an interview on Charlie Rose. Gary Stager a school reformer and Educational reformer speaks very well about Jack Dorsey. When we speak of using Computing in education, we often forget that in the words of Mitch Reznick ‘the computer… Continue reading Twitter co-founder on Computational Thinking

Training students for the 21st Century

Education is a hugely politically loaded issue. I want to write today briefly about education. I’ve two years of experience as a tutor and Teaching Assistant in a Northern Ireland Grammar School, and continue to tutor a range of ages while I undergo my Masters studies in Mathematics. I definitely will focus on STEM subjects,… Continue reading Training students for the 21st Century

On Technology without Borders

As a naively minded Scientific type, I often make the mistake of imagining that merely developing technology is enough to better the world. As the developing world especially faces huge humanitarian challenges: for instance Malaria, Climate Change, HIV, and diseases such as TB, there are problems with the market conditions of the First World. Peter… Continue reading On Technology without Borders

Procepts in Mathematics education

Todays blog post is a bit different to some of my views on politics, or current affairs. Its back closer to my student life as a Mathematics Masters student. Inevitably when one enjoy mathematics and physics one gets involved in giving tutorial classes or helping friends and family. Mathematics is something that we all agree… Continue reading Procepts in Mathematics education

How to become an Astronaut or a Rhodes Scholar

I’m a fan of Cal Newport’s blog. He reverse-engineers student success and also more recently looks at what constitutes professional success. His recent article on Rhodes Scholars is very interesting. When reading some of these bios, one can be overwhelmed. Yet Cal once again reminds us that these aren’t parallel achievements. A friend of mine… Continue reading How to become an Astronaut or a Rhodes Scholar

The truth as a blessing

Obviously it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss, ‘what is truth’. I leave that problem for people a lot smarter than me. But I came across a beautiful quotation by A.N. Kolmogorov a great Russian Mathematician. ‘I have lived being guided by a principle that the truth is a blessing, and our… Continue reading The truth as a blessing