Should we teach about homosexuality in schools?

Johann Hari comments in the Independent on the posturing that there is a ‘gay agenda’ dominating UK politics. He elaborates that this is clearly false, as the suicide statistics show in regards homosexual kids. Prejudice has no place in society. Lets accept that as a given. One LGBT charity proposed that there is ‘homosexuality orientated’… Continue reading Should we teach about homosexuality in schools?

What does a Rapist look like?

So what does a rapist look like? Thats the question for this essay to discuss. I’ve been following the Assange and Wikileaks cases very carefully. The superb Feminist columnist Laurie Penny wrote a blog poston Julian Assange’s Rape case. I think there are two disturbing factors in the ‘Julian Assange is a good man and… Continue reading What does a Rapist look like?

Wikileaks and Power

I’ve recently being following the recent Wikileaks story in a variety of Newspapers and the Website itself. Inconvenient truths have already been revealed in the past, examples include the Pentagon papers and the 1917 Bolshevik release of confidential Russian Documents. These are all seen by some as attacks on imperialism, and it doesn’t seem to… Continue reading Wikileaks and Power