A short email from Marvin Minsky – RIP

As a data scientist I regularly use results based upon the work of Marvin Minsky. This is an email exchange I had with him about 6 years ago, when I was working in Education and deciding to go back to school for Graduate School. On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM, Peadar Coyle <peadarcoyle@googlemail.com>…… Continue reading A short email from Marvin Minsky – RIP

Care: Or the fallacies of Neo-Liberalism

This article probably won’t be too long. There is nothing I can say which is better thought out than the following article in last weeks Guardian Deborah Orr speaks about Care. There are problems with both the left and the right, certainly in terms of thinking of their views as moral. Deborah Orr points out…… Continue reading Care: Or the fallacies of Neo-Liberalism

A schools revolution

I highlighted in a recent post, a ludicrous lack of scientific knowledge by Michael Gove. This is perhaps unfair of me. So lets address what Gove is actually trying to do, which is reform Schools. Critics regularly assume that private school parents are rich snobs trying to avoid the lower classes. If you read the…… Continue reading A schools revolution

Why Education Ministers should be educated

Michael Gove is reported as arguing that: Gove said there had been previous attempts to make science relevant, by linking it to contemporary concerns such as climate change or food scares. But he said: “What [students] need is a rooting in the basic scientific principles, Newton’s laws of thermodynamics and Boyle’s law.” […] We are…… Continue reading Why Education Ministers should be educated

The truth as a blessing

Obviously it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss, ‘what is truth’. I leave that problem for people a lot smarter than me. But I came across a beautiful quotation by A.N. Kolmogorov a great Russian Mathematician. ‘I have lived being guided by a principle that the truth is a blessing, and our…… Continue reading The truth as a blessing

The Irish Financial Crisis

Firstly, I’m Irish, and subsequently writing about this is difficult. My late Grandfather, used to warn me that the Irish debt problem was a serious one. He passed away before all this crisis happened but he would probably feel a smug satisfaction ‘I told you so’. A recent Vanity Fair piece by Michael Lewis looks…… Continue reading The Irish Financial Crisis

Should we teach about homosexuality in schools?

Johann Hari comments in the Independent on the posturing that there is a ‘gay agenda’ dominating UK politics. He elaborates that this is clearly false, as the suicide statistics show in regards homosexual kids. Prejudice has no place in society. Lets accept that as a given. One LGBT charity proposed that there is ‘homosexuality orientated’…… Continue reading Should we teach about homosexuality in schools?