Interview with a Data Scientist: Ignacio Elola

As part of my ongoing series with interviews with Data Scientists and Data Analysts, I provide an interview with Ignacio Elola, who is the data scientist at is a cool web platform for allowing you easier access to web data and is one of the cool data scientist enabling tools we see on… Continue reading Interview with a Data Scientist: Ignacio Elola

An interview with a data artisan

J.D.Long is the current AVP Risk Management at RenaissanceRe and has a 15 year history of working as an analytics professional. I sent him an interview recently to see what he would say. Good questions Peadar. Here’s a really fast attempt at answers: 1. What project have you worked on do you wish you could go back… Continue reading An interview with a data artisan

Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

1. General state space Markov chains Most applications of Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms (MCMC) are concerned with continuous random variables, i.e the corresponding Markov chain has a continuous state space S. In this section we will give a brief overview of the theory underlying Markov chains with general state spaces. Although the basic principles… Continue reading Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

How to think

Inspired by Ed Boyden \newline Managing brain resources in an age of complexity. The main aim of this post, is to understand and synthesize some of the ideas behind learning how to think. In the words of Seymour Papert, a rather inspiring Mathematics and Computer Education pioneer, ‘students now need to learning how to learn’… Continue reading How to think

Programming as an essential skill

In discussions about jobs and the future. We sometimes make references to skills. In educational communities people speak of ‘transferable skills’ and ‘critical thinking’. Recently its become fashionable to discuss STEM. On this blog I’ve written some things about this. The following articles re-inspired my interest On Reviews in Depth: Why everyone should learn to… Continue reading Programming as an essential skill

Twitter co-founder on Computational Thinking

I’ve long been a fan of Jack Dorsey, and I came across this excellent article about an interview on Charlie Rose. Gary Stager a school reformer and Educational reformer speaks very well about Jack Dorsey. When we speak of using Computing in education, we often forget that in the words of Mitch Reznick ‘the computer… Continue reading Twitter co-founder on Computational Thinking

Learning as Debugging

Recently in Luxembourg there was a talk on ‘Mathematics Education’. As always being interested in STEM and the cultivation of learning and thinking, I found this fascinating. I came across on Robert Talbert’s excellent blog, the following: Yes! As somebody once said, true learning consists in the debugging process. And that’s where the fun in… Continue reading Learning as Debugging

The truth as a blessing

Obviously it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss, ‘what is truth’. I leave that problem for people a lot smarter than me. But I came across a beautiful quotation by A.N. Kolmogorov a great Russian Mathematician. ‘I have lived being guided by a principle that the truth is a blessing, and our… Continue reading The truth as a blessing

Why do most people behave Ethically?

This question has fascinated me for some time. I’ve often wondered if the reason we behave altruistically is due to some underlying selfish reasons. I have to add something to this, just because someone is aware of a high level fact such as this, doesn’t mean that any of the things that may be explained… Continue reading Why do most people behave Ethically?