What is a Message Broker for?

I’ve been working in tech for a few years now, and that’s included writing a lot of code. One thing I never got my head around was what is a message broker? I’ve definitely seen them in architecture meetings, and heard people speak of ‘RabbitMQ’ and ‘Redis’ but I don’t really know what they’re for.…… Continue reading What is a Message Broker for?

Adding value as Data Scientists

I’ve been thinking and discussing with various people lately – ‘career path for data science’. Someone said to me recently: Go become a research scientist and specialise in specific machine learning models say NLP at a specific company such as Google, Amazon, etc. Become a data scientist at a startup or growth company and accept…… Continue reading Adding value as Data Scientists

Interview with a Data Scientist – Vicky Boykis

It gives me great pleasure to interview Vicki Boykis – we’ve chatted a lot on Twitter over the past few years and her blog/ side projects have been inspiring for my own. Vicki is a Data Scientist and Engineer who tweets awesome stuff. She’s well worth following. Her twitter bio – Born: Jewish in Russia. Raised:…… Continue reading Interview with a Data Scientist – Vicky Boykis

Why Probabilistic Programming is the next big thing in Data Science

TLDR: This is an opinionated post, but based on recent trends. What is Probabilistic Programming? I recently wrote a course teaching this. Probabilistic Programming is a newish paradigm used in Quantitative Finance, Biology, Insurance and Sports Analytics – it allows you to build generative models to infer latent parameters and the uncertainty of those parameters. It’s been…… Continue reading Why Probabilistic Programming is the next big thing in Data Science

Probabilistic Programming Primer

Data Science and interpretability I’ve been involved in industrial applications of machine learning, analytics and what is generally referred to as ‘data science’ for about 5 years now. My experience in academia also probably extends that number. We’ve seen remarkable advances in that time, and a greater appreciation of the value of data in industry…… Continue reading Probabilistic Programming Primer