Tools as bicycles of the mind

At we’re building infrastructure for creating audio experiences. Fundamentally, there’s a huge part of creativity involved there. And personally I believe the human creativity is almost limitless. Previously I spent a lot of my career building tooling and infrastructure for data scientists and researchers. So while I’m not a super expert on Api design,… Continue reading Tools as bicycles of the mind

Some recent reading

This is s short blog post. And is merely some links I came across this week. – a great introduction to WSGI servers in python. I hadn’t seen this written up before — Long read. This is a thorough and in-depth discussion of how connections and pools work. I must admit that while… Continue reading Some recent reading

Lessons from 2020

I have a small document where I try to weekly write goals and what I’ve achieved. Sometimes I don’t update it, but I reviewed my 2020 version and will try to take out some takeaways. Covid-19 was incredibly disruptive to our lives, but it accelerated ‘digital transformation’ in a number of industries, and we saw… Continue reading Lessons from 2020

Everything great starts small

I’m an Entrepreneur, and a few years before I officially became one. One of my best friends said to me ‘I’ve always thought you were very entrepreneurial’. I think I shirked away from that. I’ve thought recently about why a I shirked away from that for a few years. I think one reason is that… Continue reading Everything great starts small

Engineering Leadership: Lessons from Rugby

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Engineering Leadership. This is a very difficult job for all the reasons that leadership is difficult, management is difficult and that software development is a difficult discipline. For various reasons – we as a species suck at writing software. Writing great software is HARD. Nevertheless we as a… Continue reading Engineering Leadership: Lessons from Rugby

Friday wins – celebrating shipping and delivery

More meetings? At Aflorithmic we recently have been experimenting with Friday Wins. It’s important in a startup to enable the company to build things and talk to customers. This matters a lot to ‘building something people want’. However, I wanted to talk a bit about a meeting style that I’ve found that works pretty well,… Continue reading Friday wins – celebrating shipping and delivery

Migrations – or how to fix technical debt

My company recently went through some migrations. There were a few from the easy – moving from python anywhere to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, to the more involved – a big refactoring that involved moving ejecting from Expo. However, I think the lessons apply.   Firstly, I’m not an expert. I’ve been involved in migrations… Continue reading Migrations – or how to fix technical debt