What I’ve been working on

This is just a little wrapper post to include some of the things I’ve worked on lately.

  • I wrote up a short piece on Exploring new numpy features including the new matrix operator
  • I wrote up some PyMC3 examples on my Github – this includes some Bayesian Logistic Regression and some classical examples of conversion modelling.
  • I wrote up some Pandas examples on my github using some of the new features and time series analysis – lots of this isn’t new or original and it needs some editing.
  • My series of Interviews with Data Scientists is ongoing, on this blog and on Dataconomy. This has been more successful and interesting than I imagined. This resource is of use to any stakeholders working with data scientists or engineers and to practitioners themselves.
  • I have a paper submitted to the EuroSciPy Proceedings, I’ll put a link up once it is published on the Arxiv 🙂
  • I wrote up some notes on Make It Stick which was an excellent book on successful learning.
  • I wrote up some Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics code based on a corpus I created from my Interviews. It is available here – pull requests and remarks are useful.
  • A blast from the past: I wanted to draw attention to some code I wrote a few years ago – probably during my Masters in Mathematics on modelling Stochastic Processes and Options Pricing

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