Interviews with Data Scientists – The collection

In the last year or so I’ve put together a collection of interviews with Data Scientists.

Here is a list of them

  • Thomas Levi – Plenty of Fish an Online Dating Website
  • Jeroen Latour – Data Scientist at from September
  • James Long – A data artisan with experience in Re-insurance
  • Radim Rehurek – A data science and engineering consultant famous for the Gensim Topic Modelling library
  • Ignacio Elola – The data guru at a platform for enabling easy access to web data.
  • Eddie Bell – Lead Data Scientist at Lyst – a Fashion recommendation website
  • Andrew Clegg – Data Scientist at Etsy – an online craft marketplace
  • Keith Bawden – Former Business Intelligence Manager at Amazon and Head of Engineering Japan at Groupon
  • Matt Hall – Interview with Matt Hall a scientific programmer running a geophysical consultancy in Canada.
  • Alejandro Correra Bahnsen – with my friend who was co-organizer of the Data Science meetup in Luxembourg.
  • Trent McConaghy – One of my panelists at the PyData Meetup in Berlin. Trent is a successful entrepreneur and AI researcher.
  • Hadley Wickham – An interview with the legendary Hadley Wickham creator of R data tools for power users including ggplot2.
  • Jon Sedar – An interview with Data Science consultant Jon Sedar about the consulting sides of data science.
  • Cameron Davidson-Pilon – Lead Data Scientist at Shopify, creator of Lifelines, lead author on Bayesian Methods for Hackers
  • Ian Huston – Senior Data Scientist at Pivotal. He’s active in the Data Science and PyData scenes in London and throughout Europe, and has been great at contributing blog posts to the community on the communication skills aspects.
  • Shane Lynn – Co-founder of Kill Biller an Irish startup. His background includes consulting and a technical PhD
  • Vanessa Sabino – Lead Data Scientists (focusing on Marketing) for Shopify. She comes from Brazil and talks about how she thought Tech only happened above the equator.
  • Ian Ozsvald – All round cool speaker and data geek. He runs a successful boutique data science consultancy in London. He also organizes the PyData Meetups and Conferences in London.
  • Peadar Coyle – Peadar is the author of this blog. By popular demand he submitted himself to the questions too.

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