On the Bangladeshi tragedy

Clearly the Bangladeshi people deserve better enforcement of their laws. And clearly this is an incredible human tragedy. But boycotting products from Bangladesh (as some on the left argue) would be horrendous for Bangladesh. Prosperity takes time, and Bangladesh is a very poor country.

   I provide the following link. http://ipeatunc.blogspot.pt/2013/04/understanding-bangladesh-tragedy-with.html

This is fundamentally a problem about the news, rural poverty (about 125k children under 5 died last year from poverty in Bangladesh) does not make the news. Whereas a horrendous garment factory disaster does. This was fundamentally not a problem about multinationals but a problem about the practice of law. This is further evidence of why corporations are not always the enemy, in this case it was corrupt governments and the interests of local owners.


It poses a question, is the best thing to help poor regions to invest in companies that will be working or expanding there? As opposed to charity say?