On Aaron Swartz

I unfortunately have exams to study for at the moment. But the sad news of the tragic departure of Aaron Swartz, internet activist, defender of civil liberties and coder, compelled me to write. This is horrendously sad, I had an intense admiration for Aaron Swartz, especially his recent work on elites. He was brilliant, erudite and a leading light of the internet age. And what is incredibly important is that people realize that we are all part of the internet age. The web and technology, are politically and socially very important.

   The world is a poorer place without Aaron, and he certainly made the world a better place. Which is admirable and commendable for only 26 years. I’m sure many things will not be done without his presence, and he is a heroic reminder to us all. Now I’m going to get back to work on my own intellectual pursuits.

  Thank you Aaron for everything. Your sad departure, is evidence that we need to take Mental Illness more seriously, but we also need to take the tech community more seriously, and the over zealous persecution by the DOJ in the US of the hacking of ‘Academic Documents’ by Aaron, was wrong.

Aaron RIP, you shall be missed.

The below image is a creative commons one of Aaron.