On Fubini-Study Metrics

1. A Little Complex Analysis We want to introduce the notion of a ‘Fubini-Study’ metric which is important in Complex Manifold Theory and Differential Geometry (and the associated theories such as Mathematical Physics). But first we need to introduce a little Complex Analysis. The source is of course Griffiths and Harris. Let M be a… Continue reading On Fubini-Study Metrics

On Academic talks

On Academic talks

Cosma Shalizi, has an excellent talk on Academic talks.

I suggest one reads it.

I merely quote my favourite part:

  1. The point of the talk is not to please you, by reminding yourself of what a badass you are, but to tell your audience something useful and interesting. (Note to graduate students: It is important that you internalize that you are, in fact, a badass, but it is also important that then you move on. Needing to have your ego stroked by random academics listening to talks is a sign that you have not yet reached this stage.) Unless something matters to your actual message, it really doesn’t belong in the main body of the talk.
  2. You can stick an arbitrary amount of detail in the “I’m glad you asked that” slides, which go after the one which says “Thank you for your attention! Any questions?”.
  3. You also can and should put all these details in your paper, and the people who really care, to whom it really matters, will go read your paper. Once again, think of an academic talk as an extended oral abstract.

Internalise that you are in fact a bad ass. I wish more Professors gave advice like that.

The notion of home

The notion of home

Ribbon farm has an interesting and well written account of the changing notion of home.

It is an interesting concept, for some of us, especially as we have movable offices, or ‘third spaces’ one can easily survive in cities above a certain size. Hiking trails, a park, a few coffee houses, etc being enough for some people who are for instance writers, or software engineers.

     A very interesting discussion of home, I myself however am an Irish national who is living in Luxembourg. I still end up in an Irish bar of course every so often, and am part of some expat community. Phones and facebook of course act as a sort of pacifier.