On Craft

I came across the following: ‘In the fine arts, a master class is a small class where students and coaches work together to support a high level of technical and creative excellence. This book tries to capture the spirit of a master class while providing coaching for readers who want to refine their skills as… Continue reading On Craft

Care: Or the fallacies of Neo-Liberalism

This article probably won’t be too long. There is nothing I can say which is better thought out than the following article in last weeks Guardian Deborah Orr speaks about Care. There are problems with both the left and the right, certainly in terms of thinking of their views as moral. Deborah Orr points out… Continue reading Care: Or the fallacies of Neo-Liberalism

STEM Education Interview: Robert Talbert

I’m excited to put up my first ever interview. I’m working on a project for an organisation and this is an interview as part of my research. Robert Talbert is a Mathematics professor at Grand Valley State University, who researches Cryptography but has also spent a lot of time recently experimenting in the field of… Continue reading STEM Education Interview: Robert Talbert