Should we teach about homosexuality in schools?

Johann Hari comments in the Independent on the posturing that there is a ‘gay agenda’ dominating UK politics. He elaborates that this is clearly false, as the suicide statistics show in regards homosexual kids. Prejudice has no place in society. Lets accept that as a given. One LGBT charity proposed that there is ‘homosexuality orientated’…… Continue reading Should we teach about homosexuality in schools?

Libraries and the need to protect them

Libraries are something dear to my heart, like schools, hospitals, a government run post service and a list of other things that I can’t think of. While I believe that markets are necessary for wealth, I don’t believe that these things should interfere in libraries, or anything for the ‘public good’. I’m inspired by a…… Continue reading Libraries and the need to protect them

Cognitive toolbox

Each year the Edge foundation has a question. This years has been more interesting than most. I’ve been asking people about this for some time, hence the need to blog about it. “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?” Or, to paraphrase, how might people alter the way they interpret the information they take…… Continue reading Cognitive toolbox

Mehdi Hasan on the role of Western Muslims

Mehdi Hasan on Pakistan, Islam and the West is a fascinating piece of writing in the New Statesman. I’ve long been a fan of Mehdi and feel that he is one of the great young political commentators in the UK. He’s particularly been a beacon of hope and rationality on Islam and Islamofascism. Particularly pointing…… Continue reading Mehdi Hasan on the role of Western Muslims

The problems of math phobia

We shall see again and again that the consequences of mathophobia go far beyond obstructing the learning of mathematics and science. They interact with other endemic “cultural toxins,” for example, with popular theories of aptitudes, to contaminate peoples’ images of themselves as learners. Difficulty with school math is often the first step of an invasive…… Continue reading The problems of math phobia