Touching Strangers

Anecdotally coming from originally a small Village Community and then at various stages of my life I’ve lived in cities. Something that one encounters is the lack of trust (or apparent lack of trust) among strangers in a major city. I conjecture that beyond a certain population density these sorts of problems are inevitable.

However do projects like ‘This ‘touching strangers’ lead to an increase in trust between strangers? I imagine that touching a random stranger could be a very liberating experience. We forget for instance that touch has evolved as part of our humanity, for instance in the Catholic tradition people ‘exchange hands for peace’ there are perhaps theological explanations for this, but I propose that people don’t need such explanations. Simply I think that such things evolved as parts of various cultures to promote harmony around one another. In touching someone from another tribe or clan say one extends ones sphere of humanity.
Ben Casnocha in his blog thinks that racism is something that people unlearn and in many ways I agree. I strongly field that a lot of social problems are caused by people from not mixing with people from different cultures. So in short I feel that projects like ‘touching strangers’ opens up new avenues of human experience and perhaps improve ones human citizenship. That surely can only be a good thing.