On Branding

At www. measuringmeasures.blogspot.com   the point was made

that one needs to develop skill first and then branding. He in his analysis of http://www.paulgrapham.com/hamming.html (hammings wonderful talk) proposed that something that is shocking in science and research circles is the notion of selling.

Just to be short, ‘life is sales’. My boss in Shanghai said that to me, and I didn’t in my idealism realize that what he was saying wasn’t an attack on skill development or anything like that. But it was a wise comment, we sell ourselves to a potential client, we can sell the idea of physics and science, we can sell the notion that we have ethical obligations in regards climate change. I’m now going to spend some time developing my ability to sell my skills. Afterall what is the point of developing technical skills if one doesn’t brand oneself well. Theres nothing wrong with a bit of personal branding, however an important caveat is that one needs to have something to brand first!

I thank Rayyan for the tip involving this notion of personal branding.