Open Source Democracy

Recently I’ve been thinking about how Open Source ideas, such as how some excellent software works. Could be applied in a political science sense. For instance could we solve the Budget Deficit by using the ideas and collective expertise of the people. Such things could be policy documents dealing with the possibility of pre 1850 Scottish Banking ideas being implemented in the banking system. The people could actually be consulted on some important issues. I’m going to try to elaborate on these ideas in a future post. However I’ve already been warned by Michael Nielsens blog, that this could be a very difficult thing to implement in practice. Is it therefore inevitable that political problems can’t be solved by open source innovation? Why are political problems so intractable. For instance there must be an objective best solution to the AIDS pandemic, i.e. the disease not existing. However what are the optimal solutions. Is it worth considering major problems in such a way?

Could we form a consensus on how political problems are solved? Is it worth considering for instance, child poverty and prostitution as two problems to attack in this scheme.