Probabilistic Programming Primer

Data Science and interpretability I’ve been involved in industrial applications of machine learning, analytics and what is generally referred to as ‘data science’ for about 5 years now. My experience in academia also probably extends that number. We’ve seen remarkable advances in that time, and a greater appreciation of the value of data in industry…… Continue reading Probabilistic Programming Primer

Prelaunch – Probabilistic Programming Primer

I’m excited to announce the pre-launch of a new project, that I’ve been spending some time thinking about. I’m a core developer of PyMC3 – and that isn’t as impressive as it sounds 🙂 I’m honoured to work with smart people and learn a lot about Probabilistic Programming from it. However it doesn’t mean I…… Continue reading Prelaunch – Probabilistic Programming Primer

Expectations management in Data Science projects

I’m going to write a bit about expectations management in Data Science projects. Now this is something that the academic side of my personality finds a bit ‘business-speak’. However it matters in commercial environments (and probably in non-commercial environments like not-for-profits too). It’s worth sharing a Dilbert comic. Just because it’s always relevant when discussing ‘business-speak’.…… Continue reading Expectations management in Data Science projects

What does it mean to be a Senior Data Scientist?

On being a Senior Data Scientist This post is partly for myself and based on various peoples conversations – it is also inspired by I’m trying to answer questions like ‘what do we expect from a Senior Data Scientist’. My job title is ‘Senior Data Scientist’ and I often joke I’ve no idea what…… Continue reading What does it mean to be a Senior Data Scientist?

Adding the Bootstrap to Lifelines regression

I’ve been recently looking at Survival Analysis at work. It’s an incredibly powerful technique however one challenge I had was getting confidence intervals (or something similar to confidence intervals) to work with Aalen Additive. So largely to allow myself to remember this in future I share the code here 🙂 It should work…… Continue reading Adding the Bootstrap to Lifelines regression