Peadar Coyle. Who am I?

I’m a Data Scientist and Engineer based in London, I can be found on twitter I regularly speak at conferences. I’ve written a book consisting of numerous interviews with Data Scientists throughout the world (please buy it as money goes to NumFOCUS), I’m a passionate OSS evangelist, supporter and I contribute to PyMC3 

Based on my experience teaching PyMC3 at conferences and workshops. I turned that into an online course on Probabilistic Programming. If you can build a model in sklearn this course takes you from knowing nothing, to being able to build robust Bayesian Statistical models in PyMC3. This course has been used by experts at leading companies such as Intercom, OK Cupid, Amazon and Quantopian. You may want to check it out here

I run my own independent consultancy where I help companies with their challenges in Data Science and Data Engineering, I generally focus on European companies but I’m happy to travel to other locations. I’m a generalist who has covered all of modern startup data science, from AB testing to dashboards to data engineering to putting models into production.

My skills include

  • Software development and leading technical teams
  • Applied Machine Learning / Advanced Analytics / Applied Statistics / Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Management/ technical product strategy

I’m good at navigating the space between ‘what should we build’ and ‘how should we build it’, for Data and ML products. I understand business objectives, but also see technical shortcuts and pitfalls. I’ve worked closely with designers and have a good feel for product UX.

I run a newsletter if you enjoy thinking about Data Science, AI, Strategy or Product  and particularly the intersection of the 3 – you might want to sign up to it!

I’m also currently working on a stealth startup, I’ll be speaking more about that publicly soon.

I’m from Armagh in Ireland, and I studied Physics and Mathematics at University.

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