A short email from Marvin Minsky – RIP

As a data scientist I regularly use results based upon the work of Marvin Minsky. This is an email exchange I had with him about 6 years ago, when I was working in Education and deciding to go back to school for Graduate School. On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM, Peadar Coyle <[email protected]>… Continue reading A short email from Marvin Minsky – RIP

What I’ve been working on

This is just a little wrapper post to include some of the things I’ve worked on lately. I wrote up a short piece on Exploring new numpy features including the new matrix operator I wrote up some PyMC3 examples on my Github – this includes some Bayesian Logistic Regression and some classical examples of conversion modelling. I… Continue reading What I’ve been working on

Interview with a Data Scientist: Thomas Wiecki

I interviewed Thomas Wiecki recently – Thomas is Data Science Lead at Quantopian Inc which is a crowd-sourced hedge fund and algotrading platform. Thomas is a cool guy and came to give a great talk in Luxembourg last year – which I found so fascinating that I decided to learn some PyMC3 🙂 1. What project have… Continue reading Interview with a Data Scientist: Thomas Wiecki

Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

1. General state space Markov chains Most applications of Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms (MCMC) are concerned with continuous random variables, i.e the corresponding Markov chain has a continuous state space S. In this section we will give a brief overview of the theory underlying Markov chains with general state spaces. Although the basic principles… Continue reading Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Algorithms

Transfinite Induction

\maketitle 1. Introduction This is supposed to be a primer inspired by a piece by Hilbert Levitz. The theory of transfinite ordinals is a part of set theory. While the concept is tied up with the completed infinite and high cardinalities, we’ll emphasize more constructive aspects of the theory. There have been applicatons of constructive… Continue reading Transfinite Induction

Information Retrieval

Attention conservation notice: 680 words about Information Retrieval, and highly unoriginal. The following is very much inspired by a course by Cosma Shalizi but I felt it was worth rewriting to get to grips with the concepts. This is the first of what is hopefully a series of posts on ‘Information Retrieval’, and applications of… Continue reading Information Retrieval

Notebooks: Generalized Functions and PDE

In the style of Cosma Shalizi’s notebooks I’m including some links to things that I’ve read recently. This little one is written about PDE, Generalized Functions and Differential Equations. Historically generalized functions were first used in Physics by Heaviside and Dirac. Schwartz the great analyst came along and added rigour. Introduction to Generalized Functions with… Continue reading Notebooks: Generalized Functions and PDE

On the Mathematics of the Berry Phase

I tried to upload this to my wordpress however it wasn’t working. So here is a link to a pdf file of some notes and observations I wrote over the course of a few years on the Geometric Phase. Mathematics of the Geometric Phase by no means is this original, and there are many excellent… Continue reading On the Mathematics of the Berry Phase

STEM Education Interview: Robert Talbert

I’m excited to put up my first ever interview. I’m working on a project for an organisation and this is an interview as part of my research. Robert Talbert is a Mathematics professor at Grand Valley State University, who researches Cryptography but has also spent a lot of time recently experimenting in the field of… Continue reading STEM Education Interview: Robert Talbert